MYSTICAL FULLMOON - Hermits amidst the marvels of darkness DIGIPACK CD View larger

MYSTICAL FULLMOON - Hermits Amidst the Marvels of Darkness DIGIPACK CD



Digipack CD

Obscure & Majestic Black Metal in the vein of Limbonic Art/Aoratos & Tartaros

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Since its inception in 1994 e.v., Mystical Fullmoon is an entity that has undergone manyfold incarnations, slumbering in isolation for long cycles of time and unexpectedly surfacing again, each time spawning a different breed of darkness. Their sonic signature is a coagulation of black metal, classical influences and a permeating experimental tension, all cloacked in a grand vision of esoteric and occult research.“ Hermits amidst the marvels of darkness” is like a cycle that waxes and wanes, is the ancestral stream of a narration uttered in the dark.Intuition comes in symbols, the eight tracks appear as the eight stations of an initatic journey where the end is the beginning, where inspiration becomes divination and the circular nature of time beckons a new sense of transcendence.From an ageless destiny a lantern is bestowed!